June 10, 2009

Dojo TDR @ XP Day France 2009

This is a late feedback on my session:

+ good attendance, room was full but not overcrowded, great :)

? this was my fifth experiment of this type of dojo, we started the first experiment with a colleague last November; I still had high expectations on the output

+ the subject (Blackjack) was an excellent base to work on, thanks to Gojko whom I stole the idea from

+ thanks to the XP Day goodies, I got a much better timer than I used to have for timekeeping

- I proposed the fitnesse wiki to record the tests, not a very efficient tool for authoring, but that's all I had on my laptop

+ the audience was very dynamic trying to help the keyboard holder

? I started the 5mn turns, intentionally choosing a test that was not at the heart of the problem, just to check whether the participants come back to the core topic, they did not, so I'm not sure that was a good idea

- the participants started quite late to identify interesting tests, actually that was half-through the session when I asked them whether the tests roughly illustrated the Blackjack rules

+ towards the end, one participant got rid of FitNesse and grabbed a pencil to draw some tests on the paperboard, that helped a lot to share an understanding on blackjack rules

+ the conclusion that I made to the audience was something like: "if you want to learn about the domain and the requirements, don't pay too much attention to the rules, they're distracting you from the objective"

+ finally, I received very good feedback about the session from the participants, if you attended the workshop and have some more feedback, please let me know

May 14, 2009

Outils de tests open-source

Les slides de ma présentation au dernier afterwork Valetch sont sur slideshare: