August 9, 2008

The material of the TDR workshop at Agile 2008

I'm posting here the (electronic) material that I created for my workshop at Agile 2008, Test-Driven Requirements: Beyond Tools. Feel free to reuse it to play the game yourself, I just want you to keep me informed of the output.

Game 1:
I created this game after an experiment in which I participated at the University of Linköping (Sweden) back in 1999. I found the concept interesting enough to make a parallel with software engineering. I named the 2 main players "Product Owner" and "Developer" and I added a couple of roles, the User and the Tester, to add a bit more spice to that game and make it closer to software product development process.
To play the game, you need 2 identical sets of wooden blocks, a table, and a splitter.

Here are the instructions of the game:
- Audience instructions
- Players instructions

Game 2:
I completely made up this one (or think so until someone tells me it's an old game they played at Agile 1975 ...). In this game, groups of 3 to 9 persons try to uncover the requirements of a vague specification that a user (one of the group's member) had read just before. The objective is not so much to uncover real requirements or needs, but rather to use tests to explore the needs and formalise a specification. The users don't know anything concrete, so the specification should be elaborated as a result of a group collaboration.

The game starts with a short presentation reminding the audience about tools and techniques for using tests as specification. Then, one user in each group is given a Memo to read to get to know the context of a system on which the group will work. I allow the group to work 20 minutes and then ask them to write the result of their collaboration on a sheet of white paper. I will post soon the output of the workshop (I have to upload a report on the Agile2008 submissions website).