October 4, 2008

What have you tested today ?

I will be presenting a lightning talk at the Valtech Days 2008 in Paris, the 21st of October.
It will be a "refactored" version of the lightning talk I made at the aa-ftt workshop the 4th of August just before the Agile 2008 conference. There is a low-fi shooting of this talk on google video, thanks to Elisabeth Hendrickson:

One of the attendees also wrote a blog post referring to the talk.

Since then, I went on thinking more and more on how to present these values and the rationale behind them. One of the consultant in Valtech also found a pretty good name for this talk: "What have you tested today ?". I think this question nicely wraps up the 3 values that I emphasize. There is the name of my lightning talk! Come the 21st of October to know more.